’s New Mobile Site Mobile is a long running (since 1995) and popular online magazine.  It covers music, books, music, technology, trends, sports and politics with lengthy, well-written articles.

Mobile is nothing new to Salon which launched an Avantgo “feed” in 2001 that’s also available on the open mobile web at  That text-only site is still active, unchanged in format in eight years. It  carries a selection of about ten recent articles from Salon.  It’s an interesting read but probably a bit limiting for hard-core Salon fans with so few articles.

Salon recently launched a thoroughly modern mobile site at It features a large portion of the content of the full web version of, including  20 feature articles on the front page with about 200  more available by drilling down into the numerous categories. Articles now include  images and reader comments.

The new site seems  aimed at users of smartphones rather than low end devices.  Most images are re-sized to mobile friendly dimensions. The exception is the  comics section where up to a dozen comic cells are combined into a single 600 px wide image.  But pages are large for a pure mobile site,  averaging about 50 KB with the comics pages running around 90 KB.  The site works well with mobile full web browsers like Opera Mini and S60 Webkit and, of course the iPhone.  Some recent feature phones may be able to handle Salon Mobile as well and for those that can’t the text-only version is still available. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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  1. I love salon, but have not been able to view reader comments on my android or iPhone for some time now. Any suggestions?

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