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Goodrec Mobile Recomendations

Goodrec is another user generated reviews site somewhat like Zagat, Yelp and Boorah. Like Yelp, Goodrec is not limited to covering restaurants, users can rate and recommend anything; clubs, hotels, restaurants, services, products, etc.

Goodrec differentiates itself from its competitors in a couple of ways. For one, Goodrec limits reviews (which it calls “recommendations”) to a concise and mobile friendly 160 characters and encourages users to submit them from their mobiles. In a video interview, Goodrec co-founder touts the ease of making recommendations from mobile and mentions that some users have submitted as many as 200 recommendations in a day and that 40% of Goodrec users make recommendations with about 50% of the recommendations coming from mobile users. Other things that set Goodrec apart from the competition are the an option to view only recommendations from friends and the ability to save recommendations in a personal “I want to go” list.

The well designed mobile site’s listings include recommendations, thumbs up and down ratings, addresses, hours, maps, and click to call numbers. For a new site, Goodrec seems to have quite a few listings particularly for the U.S. East and West Coasts and major European cities. In addition to web and mobile sites, Goodrec has a couple of iPhone apps and Twitter and Facebook integration. Source Oh! Mobile Directory

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