Live On The Go – Cool Mobile Web App, Limited Handset Support

Live On The Go ( seems to be a rather cool service that lets you use your iPhone, BlackBerry or Symbian phone to place takeout food orders at nearby restaurants in the US only. You search for restaurants by zip code or address and browse takeout menus, selecting the items you want. LiveOnTheGo places your order and tells you when it will be ready for pickup. I’m somewhat surprised by the rather limited handset support. Live On The Go is … Continue reading

Urbanspoon – Mobile Webapp Version Of An iPhone App Hit

Urbanspoon is one of the success stories of the iPhone appstore phenomenon. The self-funded three man start-up began as a web based, crowd sourced guide to dinning out in  major metropolitan areas in the US and Canada.  Urbanspoon  launched a location aware iPhone app shortly after Apple opened the platform to third party developers in 2008. The app quickly became one of the 10 most downloaded apps on iTunes. Then Urbanspoon really hit it big after Apple featured it in … Continue reading

How Many Calories in a Big Mac? Find Out on the Mobile Web

The Daily Plate is part of Lance Armstrong’s site. It’s for anyone, active or not, who wants to lose or gain weight or maintain their current weight. A simple calculator lets you set up a daily calorie goal based on your current weight, activity level and weight loss (or gain) target. Registered users can track their calories by entering their meals on The Daily Plate desktop or mobile web site. In addition to the typical database of packaged and … Continue reading

CHOW For Mobile Foodies

CHOW is probably the largest and liveliest gourmet site on the mobile web. It’s the mobilized version of the full web which was created in 2006 when CNET acquired the popular foodie message board and the high end print magazine CHOW and combined them into online only CHOW Mobile seems to be targeted at high end mobiles, the 99KB front page is too large to even load on most feature phones.  If  your handset is capable. you’ll … Continue reading

Goodrec – User Generated Ratings in 160 Characters

Goodrec is another user generated reviews site somewhat like Zagat, Yelp and Boorah. Like Yelp, Goodrec is not limited to covering restaurants, users can rate and recommend anything; clubs, hotels, restaurants, services, products, etc. Goodrec differentiates itself from its competitors in a couple of ways. For one, Goodrec limits reviews (which it calls “recommendations”) to a concise and mobile friendly 160 characters and encourages users to submit them from their mobiles. In a video interview, Goodrec co-founder touts the ease … Continue reading

OpenTable Mobile – Great Concept, Poor Execution

I love OpenTable.  If you aren’t familiar with the service, it’s an online search for available reservations at local restaurants.  You select your city, preferred  dinning time, the size of your party and optionally the neighborhood and cuisine and OpenTable returns a list all the restaurants that have availability.  It such a time saver compared with calling up restaurant after restaurant, being put on hold for five minutes and then being told “Sorry we have nothing available at that time”. … Continue reading

BooRah – New Mobile Restaurant Review Site

BooRah ( is a crowd-sourced restaurant review site along the lines of Yelp (review) and Zagat (review) but with a couple of differences. First, instead of relying only it’s own members to build up a critical mass of reviews, BooRah pulls in reviews from other sites like CitySearch, Insider Pages and Yahoo Reviews. The other difference is that BooRah ignores the scores and star ratings in these reviews. Instead it performs a structural and semantic analysis of the review text … Continue reading