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AudioBoo is a very slick iPhone app, mobile and desktop website. On the iPhone it integrates with the device’s voice recording capability allowing you to create and publish audio clips, called “Boos” with a single click. You can optionally include an image with your Boo.

Boos are published on the AudioBoo web and mobile site and there are lots of ways to share Boos and add them to your mobile or desktop site. Options include a Flash-based embeddable player, WordPress plugin, Facebook app or a link you can email, add to a Tweet or put on your mobile or desktop site. There is also an  RSS feed and iTunes podcast for each user’s Boos.

If you don’t have an iPhone a companion service, PhoneBoo, lets you create Boos by calling a U.K. phone number. AudioBoo promises an API “soon” which should make creating other publishing options like Android, Symbian, BlackBerry Java or mobile web apps.

As a mobile blogger and publisher the most interesting part of AudioBoo is the ability to link directly to a Boo. There’s browser detection that delivers a mobile formatted version of the Boo when a phone browser visits the link. The Really Mobile Project is already using AudioBoo extensively to publish interviews and podcasts. It works pretty well although the mobile pages are a bit on the large size at 42 KB. This is reflected in the low score.  Still I don’t see that being a problem on most devices that are capable of downloading and playing a mp3 file.

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