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This site, called “My How To Articles” describes itself simply as a database of how to articles. It must be a bit of a puzzle to first time visitors. The user interface consists of just a search box. No browsable categories, help, “About” or suggested searches.To find out what it’s about I had to enter queries for random subjects until I got some results

My first guess was home improvement tips or MacGyverisms like how to fix a leaking car radiator leak using an egg, but queries like “fix faucet” and “duct tape” returned nothing. Finally a search for “SQL” hit pay dirt. The short pieces, which I’d describe as “tips” rather than “articles”, seem to all cover Internet web technology with an emphases on server side web development using MySQL and PHP.

The articles are actually quite good but the site would be a lot easier to use if it included a browsable directory of articles in addition to search. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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