How To Create A WordPress Mobile Pack Custom Theme

I consider WordPress Mobile Pack (WPMP) by James Pearce & friends to be the best plug-in for creating a mobile friendly version of your WordPress Blog. It detects mobile devices and serves them a compact, fast loading version of your blog. There’s a link to the full site on every page so mobile users aren’t locked into mobile formatted version. And unlike some other mobile plugins that only work with the iPhone and other high end devices, WPMP detects all … Continue reading

Read Web Development Articles on Your Phone

This site, called “My How To Articles” describes itself simply as a database of how to articles. It must be a bit of a puzzle to first time visitors. The user interface consists of just a search box. No browsable categories, help, “About” or suggested searches.To find out what it’s about I had to enter queries for random subjects until I got some results My first guess was home improvement tips or MacGyverisms like how to fix a leaking car … Continue reading

AdSense for Mobile Woes – Solved!

Remember a month ago when I blogged about how AdSense for Mobile had suddenly stopped working on  And my repeated attempts at contacting Google using their official support email and online help form and getting nothing in reply except unhelpful automated replies? Well I finally got AdSense working again, no thanks to Google and their apparent policy of no support for AdSense.  To be fair, the problem was never Google’s.  It turned out that something I did broke AdSense.  … Continue reading