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IntoMobile is one of my favorite mobile news blogs. Will Park and his team do a great job of covering the latest in mobile hardware, software, services and industry news. Their hard work and timely, quality content have made IntoMobile one of the top mobile news sites with over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors according to Google Analytics.

Stefan Constantinescu, one of my favorite mobile bloggers, recently rejoined the team after a stint at Nokia Marketing and Corporate Strategy . Stefan adds his insight into many of IntoMobile’s pieces on the world’s largest handset maker.

The mobile version of IntoMobile is at It’s automatically generated from the IntoMobile RSS feed using MoFuse. It’s work seeking out on your mobile as it carries the full text and images of every item of the always current and frequently updated IntoMobile PC site. MoFuse does a nice job of adapting page and image sizes to suit anything from an old Nokia 6610 to the  iPhone.

The mobile edition was actually launched last December and announced in a blog post but I just found it today. I really have no excuse for not being on top of the launch but in my defense the IntoMobile’s mobile edition discoverability could be better. The main site doesn’t use browser detection to redirect mobile browsers to the mobile version and I was unable to find a mobile site link on the IntoMobile PC homepage.

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