Today On The Mobile Web

My picks for the top mobile and data news stories of the last 24 hours.

N900 officially announced after a million leaks. Nokia’s first Linux based phone  has impressive specs:  3.5 inch, 800 x 480 touch screen,  hardware  QWERTY,  256 MB RAM, 768 MB virtual memory, Mozilla browser with Flash 9.4, tri-band 3G with support for U.S. T-Mobile bands. Official product page with full specs and lots of photos,  video, video N97, N86, N810 size comparison at All About Symbian.

Is the iPhone finally coming to China Unicom? Reuters (via the WSJ) claims the deal will be announced tomorrow.

Good prepaid deal for heavy texters/light talkers in the U.S. Low cost prepaid MVNO PagePlus Cellular has launched a $19.95/month unlimited text messaging plan.  Lots of operators have something similar but combined with PagePlus’ 6 cent/minute voice pricing and nationwide coverage on the Verizon network this is the best current deal for anyone who texts a lot and talks a little.  Too bad data on the plan is an obscene $1.20/MB!  The plan isn’t showing on the PagePlus website yet but I’ve confirmed it is available.