How Many Calories in a Big Mac? Find Out on the Mobile Web

The Daily Plate Mobile

The Daily Plate is part of Lance Armstrong’s site. It’s for anyone, active or not, who wants to lose or gain weight or maintain their current weight. A simple calculator lets you set up a daily calorie goal based on your current weight, activity level and weight loss (or gain) target.

Registered users can track their calories by entering their meals on The Daily Plate desktop or mobile web site. In addition to the typical database of packaged and bulk foods, The Daily Plate also incorporates menus from many restaurant chains like McDonald’s or Romano’s Macaroni Grill . You can just type “McDonald’s” for nutritional information on that Quarter Pounder With Cheese that you are about to eat. If you actually do eat that fat pill you can add it to your daily calorie count with a click. The site will also suggest lower calorie alternatives at the same restaurant.

Although you need to register and log in to track your calories, the mobile edition of The Daily Plate can be used by anyone to quickly look up nutritional information for produce, packaged products or chain restaurant items. Source: Oh! Mobile Directory

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