Free Real-Time Quotes and “Guru” Analysis from Mobile

NASDAQ Mobile Site

The mobile version of, launched today, offers real-time and after-hours stock quotes, news, charts, commentary and “Guru Analysis”, which rates stocks based on the formulas touted by eight different investment analysts. The mobile site which was created by, is attractive and easy to navigate and should work well with most mobile browsers, although the site’s 42 KB page size may be too large for some feature phone browsers.

NASDAQ, the second largest U.S. stock exchange, was the world’s first electronic stock market when it lauched in 1971. Since 1996 the exchange has operated, providing investors with quotes, news and investment analysis for stocks traded on all the US markets including NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and OTC. In 2006, NASDAQ was the first to provide free real time quotes, which are available on as well.

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