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Friendster MobileI covered Friendster’s first mobile site back in December. I wasn’t impressed. I was never able to get it to work on the phone I was using at the time. Plus it required each user to install a widget on their Friendster profile using a PC browser before they could even use the mobile site. Well, it looks like Friendster went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely new mobile site at a new URL, The old url redirects to the new one.

The best thing about the new site is that it just “works”. No issues, nice small page size for quick loading on slow networks and low end phones including the Motorola i855 that wouldn’t work with the old site.

The feature set for Friendster Mobile is comparable to the mobile editions of other PC based social networks like MySpace or Facebook, which is to say it’s pretty limited. Users can read messages send messages, change their shoutout, search users by name or email, post to their bulletin board and view their own and friend’s photos and profiles. What they can’t do on the mobile site is edit their profiles, upload photos, explore public photos or profiles or vist the Friendster forums. Friendster Mobile is a subset of the full Friendster featureset that works well on low end phones. Unfortunately Friendster redirects almost all mobile browsers to the mobile site, including Opera Mini and other “full web” mobile browsers. This happens to Opera Mini users even if they enter the address of the full version, Annoyed users have been complaining about this on the Opera Mini forums. They have been accessing Friendster ‘s main site for years with Opera Mini and don’t like being forced to use the limited mobile site. There’s an important mobile usability lesson here. While it’s good to automatically redirect mobile browsers from your site’s canonical URL to a mobile friendly version, there also needs to be a way for users to get the full version of the site on their phones. It’s not hard to do, just provide a link that bypasses browser detection to reach the full version. For example, If you go to with a phone, you will be redirected to but at the bottom of that page there’s a Full Site link that points to, which should always bring up the full site regardless of which device you are using.

20 thoughts on “The New Friendster Mobile

  1. Hahaa..
    Perhaps friendster is not aware that smartphones exist.

    Full capable browsers on these devices are happily browsing the FULL facebook site with ease.

    I hope the friendster guys read this here.

    This was one of many reasons why most of us has abandoned friendster for other social networks.

  2. i cnt open my msgs,my cOmments and my friendrequest :( wat is dat verify email address? :(

  3. i haven’t try opening my friendster yet using my phone.Maybe after this i will^_^.I just wanna if we could directly upload photos from our gallery(on phone) when we’re using mobile fs?thank you

  4. I dont like the mobile friendster I want to go back to the classic one though I dont know how I got to log in to mobile firndster just pls tell me how to turn it off instructions told me to go to mobile settings but cant find it pls help tks

  5. Please! Give me the new mobile url of friendster.i can’t access on friendster using my mobile phone.

  6. i cant browse friendster using my mobile phone. my unit is 3310c.. i tried but stil doesnt work.. wat other website that my cp can access the code of friendster?

  7. I am not impressed at all with friendster mobile. I have a blackberry bold, and i tried accessing, and the site is just not user friendly. Luckily I have Facebook. I was able to download Facebook and it works great with my BB. Friendster need to catch up.

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