Phandroid, the First Android Fan Site, Gets A Responsive Makeover

New Mobile WebApp Added to the Wap Review Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability  Doctype: html Home Page Weight: 1716 KB (832 KB compressed) Category: Android Description: One of the biggest and oldest Android sites, Phandroid, which launched 2007, has a new responsive design.  When viewed in a browser with a viewport width less than 800px, the site’s shape shifting custom WordPress template performs a complete visual makeover. The sidebar and desktop ads disappear and the header’s traditional masthead is replaced … Continue reading

Five Mobile Friendly Web Based RSS Readers Compared

With the demise of Google Reader lots of users seem to have given up on RSS. Which is a shame as it’s still the fastest, most efficient way to keep up with lots of news sources. There’s a new breed of free news readers that are as good or better than Goggle Reader ever was. Here are five that work on the desktop and in at least some mobile browsers. The readers were tested for cross-browser support in desktop Firefox … Continue reading

The New Friendster Mobile

I covered Friendster’s first mobile site back in December. I wasn’t impressed. I was never able to get it to work on the phone I was using at the time. Plus it required each user to install a widget on their Friendster profile using a PC browser before they could even use the mobile site. Well, it looks like Friendster went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely new mobile site at a new URL, … Continue reading