Mobile Bookmarklets for Webmasters


WapReview reader and fellow blogger Selurus recently discovered that the Page Rank Checker bookmarklet on my Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at wasn’t working anymore.

He suggested replacing it with a bookmarket he had made for, a new service  that shows not only a site’s Page Rank but also its Alexa Rank, Complete Rank, number of Yahoo  and Live Search Backlinks,  and Bloglines Subscribers. (It also supposed to show Quancast Rank, Google Backlinks, Technorati Links and Delicious Bookmarks, but those four metrics always seem to come up as “N/A”).

So I removed the broken Page Rank bookmarklet from  the Opera Mini Bookmarklets page andadded the Popurius one. While I was at it I added several other bookmarklets for all of you who  obsess over their site’s traffic and search engine optimization.  All of these pass the current page’s URL to services that return information about the site.  They can be found in the “Page Info” section at

Which Server

Popurius (javascript:location.href=’’+location.href) – shows Alexa Rank, Complete Rank,  Yahoo Backlinks, Live Search Backlinks,  and Bloglines Subscribers.

Which Server (javascript:location.href=’’+location.hostname)  – Reveals the Web Server (Apache, IIS, etc.) that’s powering the page. (The results page is WML so it won’t work with the iPhone or most desktop browsers.)

Dataopedia (javascript:location.href=’’+location.hostname) – shows detailed data ,with charts and graphs, from Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, Google, Digg, Delicious, registrar records and other sources (Dataopedia Review).

To add one of the above bookmarklets to your browser:


If you are using desktop Firefox, Chrome or IE, just drag any of the three links above to your toobar.

If you are using a browser that supports copying copying text from a web page like Opera desktop, the iPhone or the N900’s MicroB; copy the parenthesized text shown next to the links above  into a new bookmark.

For Opera Mini 5, 4.2 and 3.1, Opera Mobile 10, Palm Blazer, the Nokia S60 V5 browser, Mobile IE and possibly other mobile browsers; visit and click the bookmarklet you want to add. When the page reloads,  bookmark it. Then edit the bookmark address by removing “” from the beginning.

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