Mobile Bookmarklets for Webmasters

WapReview reader and fellow blogger Selurus recently discovered that the Page Rank Checker bookmarklet on my Opera Mini Bookmarklets page at wasn’t working anymore. He suggested replacing it with a bookmarket he had made for, a new service  that shows not only a site’s Page Rank but also its Alexa Rank, Complete Rank, number of Yahoo  and Live Search Backlinks,  and Bloglines Subscribers. (It also supposed to show Quancast Rank, Google Backlinks, Technorati Links and Delicious Bookmarks, but … Continue reading

A Mobile Friendly PageRank Finder

I know that a lot of webmasters obsess over their site’s Google PageRank. It’s one of Google’s measures (on a scale of 0 to 10) of a site’s value. A higher PageRank is supposed to correlate with  high placements in search results and thus potentially greater ad revenue. Google seems to be devaluing PageRank of late, removing it from Webmaster Tools and publicly stating that it is only one of 200 signals that they use to rank sites and claiming … Continue reading