Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java, PalmOS and BlackBerry Versions Here

Opera Mini 3.1 Opera Mini 5.1

Opera Mini updates are usually a good thing. They include bug fixes and often, new features. But for a few users, usually with old or obscure phones, the new version doesn’t work as well as the old one or work at all. On the Opera Mini User forum there is a recurrent theme of users, trying a released version and insisting that one of older ones, was better.

There’s a sticky post on the forum with links to some old versions but it’s far from complete and doesn’t include beta versions or signed ones.

I can understand Opera wanting users to be on the latest version, but when that version doesn’t work it’s nice to have the option to roll back to an older one.  I’ve gathered up all the Opera Mini 5 versions I’ve been able to find and linked to them below.

These are all English language versions.  Java phone users should try the JAD link first and if it doesn’t work try the JAR.

If you get an expired certificate error installing one of the signed versions, try setting your phone’s date back a year or two. Be sure to set the date back to the current one before trying to run Opera Mini to avoid getting a “Verification of server certificate” error.

The ZIP files are for use with BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Opera Mini 7.0 (30567)
Signed (multiple certificates): JAD JAR

Opera Mini 7.0 (29915)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini Next (7.0 Beta 28870)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.5  (26955)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.1  (25378)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 6.0 (24093)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.1 (21051)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.0 (19693)
Unsigned: JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5.0 (18635)
Unsigned JAD JAR

Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 (17443)
Unsigned: JAD, JAR
Signed (multiple certificates) JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP

Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 (15650)
Unsigned: JADJAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.3-4.6 ZIP
BlackBerry OS 4.7-5.0 ZIP

Opera Mini 4.4 (29476)
Unsigned: jad jar

Opera Mini 4.4 (26736)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP

Opera Mini 4.3 (24214)
Unsigned JAD JAR
BlackBerry OS 4.2 ZIP
PalmOS 5 PRC To run this you need to first install the Palm JVM

Opera Mini 4.2 Beta 1(13057)
Signed (multiple certificates).jad .jar
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.1 (11355)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta 1 (10781)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 (9800)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini4.0 Beta 3 (9461)
Unsigned  .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 2 (8993)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta 1 (8462)
Unsigned .jad .jar

Opera Mini 3.1 (10423)
Unsigned JAD JAR

I don’t have the other signed Java versions or OTA files for BlackBerrys. If and when I find them I will post them here.  If any readers have copies of the missing versions and are willing to share them, please leave a comment.

Updated 5-Oct-2012: Originally published in October 2010, this post is still one of the most popular on WAP Review. Today I went through some old download directories and added over a dozen more old Opera Mini versions.

Updated 12-Jul-2013: Added PalmOS PRC version and Palm Java ME JVM

85 thoughts on “Updated: Download Old Opera Mini Java, PalmOS and BlackBerry Versions Here

  1. I have opera mini 8 but when i click on download, It stops working and nothing happens after that.why such thing happens?

  2. do you have zip files for opera mini 6 for blackberry? i have opera mini 8 but its so slow. and i cant find a link on the opera website for older versions other than opera 8

  3. Pls I need an assistance on how should I download operamini on my bb bold. Because I try 4 several times I could’t.

  4. Oh well… It’s ok :-)
    opera mini 6.1 for me still the best with stable connection, less heap and fast load then v5.0 and v6.5 above…
    v5.1 good but often error in connection :-(

  5. Hi admin…
    I’m looking for opera mini 6.1.jar signed version like ovistore has (java permissions full access).
    Can you provide it or give a download link please ?

  6. sir i alredy download operamini5beta2 softwere jar im using noia e5 but not instal idont no how to instal plz give mee good idea and sent your idea my mail

  7. My cell is Nokia 3110c. I use Opera Mini 5. I’m unable to download any image files in my cell via this browser. Every time I try to download something, it says, “application set to not allowed”. Plz help.

    • In the Java menu highlight Opera Mini, press options and then suite settings. Set the permissions for write user data and read user data to any one of ask once, ask always or always allowed. If those choices aren’t available you need to download a signed version of Opera Mini.

    • I’m not aware of any restrictions on distributing freeware such as Opera Mini. If Opera Software believes otherwise and asks me to remove the files I will.

  8. I hav not download any apps in samsung gt c3222.its show download fail.downloaded jar are invailed.plz help me

  9. I have samsung Gt-e2550 i have tryed to install opera mini 6.5And also 4.4 and non of the above is working but there b4 it was working kindly luking
    4 solution pliz

  10. Both Opera mini beta and Nimbuzz are not working on my Sony Ericsson Z550i . I can install then but while using they both make the mobile to switch off . Please help

  11. Please cannot access my operamini5 beta2 on my INQ chat 3G phone. It cannot even load.

  12. WHEN INSTALLING OPERAMINI SOFTWARE, “JAVA ERROR,CONTENT SIZE TO LARGE”OCCURED IN MY SAMSUNG GT E 2232.Why these types of error occured ? how can l prevent these? tell me the right way to me?

  13. Problem installing operamini 5.0 beta and nimbuzz onto my blackberry curve 8320

  14. I’ve been strugling to download opera mini in my Blackberry 8520 curve (Version 4.6)
    Can you please send assist me with a link that can assisrt me download irt succesfully.

  15. thank u soo muchh.. i was looking for the beta version of opera mini for days.. atlast i found here

  16. I have an LG Banter Touch. Everytime i try to create my profile. It gives me the message to update my browser. The same happens with my Yahoo email. I have 5 certificates (Im dont know what those are or the meaning) but the 1st has an red x at the others have green checkmarks. What browser can i get? Also certain sites i got to give me the message enable Javascript and retry. Its enabled. So can u tell what im suppose to do? Ive disabled it then reenabled it? PLEASE PLEASE HELP. Thanks

    • Sites give you upgrade browser messages when using a mobile browser because they are badly designed and expect everyone to be using a PC with IE, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Nothing you can do about that except complain to the site’s support email if they even have one.

      You can’t install or upgrade certificates on non-smartphones like the Banter.

      As far as I know, the LG Banter Touch for MetroPCS supports installing Java apps like Opera Mini. So you can’t install Opera Mini or any other browser unless there’s one offered through Metro’s apps store.

      Although the Banter Touch’s browser supports some JavaScript you will get turn on JavaScript messages because it doesn’t support the particalar JavaScript dunction the site is trying to use.

      Basic phones like the Banter Touch will have trouble browsing most sites designed for PCs and many designed for Android and iPhones. Stick with sites made for mobile. There are over 2000 listed in the WapReview Directory

  17. I can’t download opera mini for my BB curve 8520. It shows overflow error b or C. What can I do?

  18. Thanx first of all. But add signed version of opera mini 5.0 final for nokia 5130 xpress music

  19. Thank you so much for making this available. I love Opera 6, but it has a terrible load time and has been wreaking havoc on my phone’s battery life.

  20. I dont know why Opera Mini 6.1 is not working on My Samsung Champ 3303. Should I try 5.1 beta?

  21. I’m using sony erisson w810i but d opera’s 4,4.2 seems not to be working.pls can u guys hlp me wt opera for my phone

  22. halo Dennis, the om5beta2 is now working on my bold 9700 just need dm to load the .alx file thank you again

  23. halo, i did get the COD file installed on my unlocked att bold 9700 via bbsak but i can’t run the application a pop-up says uncaught exception: java.lang.classcastexception any idea on this thank you


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  26. I have a 9700 that has problem with Opera Mini 5 navigation not working. The BB OS is v5.0.0.34 which is not listed here. Will I just have to wait until version Opera Mini 5 has been fixed?

  27. I have a curve 8530 and I tried to download both the JAD and JAR versio of opera mini 5 beta 2. Error 907 keeps showing up…

    • You can’t use the generic jad and jar files with a Blackberry. Download the zip for your BlackBerry OS version, extract the files into a directory and install then with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

  28. Tried loading through Desktop Manager for Mac to Bold 9650, but it would never finish “preparing applications.” I can’t find a way to download only the one application. Any helpers?

  29. I don’t think anyone is as excited as I am! I gave looking for the beta versionszb thanks a lot!

  30. thank u soo muchh.. i was looking for the beta version of opera mini for days.. atlast i found here..

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