Updated: How to View the Full Version of Sites in Opera Mini and Other Mobile Browsers


Originally published in 2009, this post is updated regularly with the latest workarounds for viewing the desktop versions of mobile sites in mobile browsers. Last update 12-Jan-2014: Added reader-contributed workarounds for Google Search and Google Image Search. Removed non-working Yahoo Mail links. One of the biggest frustrations of using the web with mobile browsers is web sites that force them to use dumbed down mobile versions.  I have nothing against mobile sites, obviously. I build them and I write about them here at … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated Again To Fix Font Size Issue

On Monday Opera Software released Opera Mini 7.5.2 for Android. It was mostly a bug fix release but also included font changes. I noticed that the fonts on many sites were smaller in the new release. The new fonts made text on the effected sites hard to read and I immediately went back to the previous 7.5.1 version. Play Store reviews of the new version were largely negative as were comments on Opera’s own forums. Today Opera released Opera Mini … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.2

Opera Software has updated Opera Mini for Android. Opera calls the new release 7.5.2, although the version number on the browser’s Help > About screen is 7.5.33286. The previous 7.5.1 version was 7.5.32193 internally. According to a post by an Opera employee on the My Opera – Opera Mini Forum the changes in this release are: Improved font calculation method Improved fonts for hi-res devices Page layout improvements Various stabilization fixes I upgraded to the new release on several devices. There definitely are some … Continue reading

Opera Mini and UC Browser For Symbian Updated

Symbian lives! Opera Software and UC Browser have both released new browser versions for the Symbian platform. That makes sense as Symbian’s installed base is still around 190 million,  making it the third largest smartphone platform after iOS and Android in terms of current active users. Today Opera released Opera Mini 7.1 for Symbian S60V2 and latter. According to a post the company’s Opera For Phones Blog this release is focused on improvements to Opera Mini’s download manager along with performance and stability enhancements. Opera lists the … Continue reading

Opera Mini Symbian Update Fixes Problems With Belle Refresh and FP2

As a Nokia N8 user it’s painfully obvious that Symbian is a depreciated platform. Most of us have received what are almost certainly the final Symbian updates from Nokia; Belle FP2 for the Nokia 603, 700, 701 and 808 and Nokia Belle Refresh for the N8, E7, C7 and other older Belle phones. These updates broke quite a few apps including Swype, Nokia City Lens and Opera Mini. Nokia has said that City Lens won’t be fixed. But Opera Software … Continue reading

Opera Mini 7.1 For Java ME and BlackBerry Released

Today Opera Software released new versions of the Opera Mini Browser for feature phones with Java ME support and for BlackBerrys running OS 4.2.1 for latter. The new release adds several of frequntly requested features to Opera Mini’s download manager. The new features in the release are: Downloads can now be paused and resumed. You can even pause a download, exit Opera Mini and resume the download the next time you launch the browser. Smaller files (up to around 15 MB) … Continue reading

Opera Mini For Android Updated to Version 7.5.1

Opera Mini for Android was updated to version 7.5.1 today. This updates fixes several bugs: Improved connection stability Improved NFC support Page layout improvements Various stabilization fixes I applied the update on an Motorola M855 Photon running Android 2.3.4. The update was painless and all my bookmarks, speed dials, saved pages and settings were  retained. The previous 7.5 version of Opera mini was reasonably stable on this device but once in a great while it did freeze or force close. Hopefully this update … Continue reading

Opera Mobile for Android and Opera Mini for iOS Updates Fix YouTube and Facebook Bugs

Opera Software has released updates for a couple of its browsers. There’s a updated Opera Mobile for Android. The new release is Version 12.1.1 and it includes the following bug fixes: Fixed issue with commenting on Facebook Fixed issue with embedded Youtube videos Fixed issue with incorrect external URLs opening Various stability improvements. The new release is available from the Google Play Store or directly from opera.com/mobile/download/versions/ for users of non-Google Experience Android devices. Opera Mobile requires  Android 1.6 or latter. Opera Mini for iOS (iPhone, iPod … Continue reading