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Bryan and Stephanie Rieger are designers who take an pragmatic, inclusive approach to delivering content across a wide range of devices. Earlier this year they released two seminal (and beautifully designed) presentations on mobile.

Sowing Seeds” is about mobile in the developing world and why targeting only the iPhone and Android misses huge populations of people who depend on basic devices to close the digital divide.

Rethinking the Mobile Web” is a guide to creating content that is accessible on everything from feature phones to PCs using a variety of progressive enhancement techniques.

Yiibu is the Rieger’s blog and a showcase for their design concepts. It starts with a simple design with modestly sized images and no JavaScript dependencies which is highly usable and attractive on basic phones. The basic design is progressively enhanced to provide an optimal experience on Opera Mini, Symbian and BlackBerry and other smartphones (including older models) as well asĀ  high end devices like the iPhone, tablets and PCs.

Yiibu’s not only a design showcase, the content includes articles offering practical advice on designing for all devices and a comprehensive repository of mobile market share and usage statistics.

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  1. Visited and bookmarked the site, also subscribed to the feeds. Thanks to yiibu for being mobile. And thanks for promoting the “being mobile” concept.

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