Pinterest Mobile Webapp Review

Pinterest is a social media startup that is quite the rage at the moment, especially with women. According to Comscore (by way of TechCrunch) it went from zero to 10 million monthly unique visitors in 20 months, faster than any site ever. All the more surprising as the service is still in private Beta. Potential members must be invited by a current user or request an invite. That makes it sound pretty exclusive however I received an invitation less than 24 hours after … Continue reading

Mobile WebApp Profile: PopSci

The latest revision of Popular Science magazine’s mobile site at sports a searchable blog style timeline of recent articles and photo features from the publication’s desktop site. The site is attractive and the content is great, but usability is hurt by a couple of non-functional page elements that invite the user to tap them but end up doing nothing. For example, there’s a “Browse” dropdown at the top of every page and a similar “Comments” dropdown at the end of … Continue reading

Carnival of the Mobilists #252

Photo: Fabiana Zonca – Some rights reserved Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists, a recurring showcase of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics. This month’s Carnival offers a fine selection of posts from all areas of the mobile ecosystem. In The End of Cross-Platform Mobile Operating Systems Richard Monson-Haefel at Ambient Strategic Mobility argues that tightly integrated mobile ecosystems à la iOS are the key to success for mobile platforms. Agree or disagree? Sachendra Yadav at Technology, … Continue reading

yiibu – Mobile Design Resource and Showcase

Bryan and Stephanie Rieger are designers who take an pragmatic, inclusive approach to delivering content across a wide range of devices. Earlier this year they released two seminal (and beautifully designed) presentations on mobile. “Sowing Seeds” is about mobile in the developing world and why targeting only the iPhone and Android misses huge populations of people who depend on basic devices to close the digital divide. “Rethinking the Mobile Web” is a guide to creating content that is accessible on … Continue reading – Not as Promised

I saw a  press release today on touting a new hotel search and booking site; ”, a portal run by Quinv SA, a Luxembourg-based company that invests in domain names and high value web portals, has announced the official launch of its website, a web directory enabling mobile users to find the hotels near their current location and call the hotels’ booking desks in one single click.” All of which sounds great.  For some reason mobile sites … Continue reading

2008 Mobile 2.0 Event San Francisco – Part 2

Updated: Added link to slides from presentation by Taptu’s Stefan Butlin – 13-Nov-2008. This is the second part of my wrap up from yesterday’s Mobile Web 2.0 event.  The first part covered the morning business track.  The business track continued in the afternoon but I chose to attend the afternoon developer or “Builder” Track. Caroline Lewko started things off with a welcome and some tips on marketing applications. Caroline urged developers to sell through as many channels as possibe and … Continue reading

Mobile Web Usability – Font Size

If you use an advanced full-web browser like S60WebKit or Opera Mobile you have probably noticed that text size varies widely from site to site. It’s not unusual to encounter sites where the text is quite hard to read when the browser is set to it’s default zoom level. A good example is the NBC Olympics site (top image). The text in the screenshot is probably readable if you are viewing this on a PC, but try using your browser’s … Continue reading

Carnival Of the Mobilists #136

This week’s Carnival is at Matt Radford’s All About This edition includes posts on MIDs, mobile UX, NFC, the iPhone, the smartphone landscape, mobile web sites, the Olympics, gender differences in handset choice and more. Reading the Carnival every week is a great way to keep up with the latest trends in mobile with a minimum investment of your time. Congratulataions to Ajit Jaokar, whose piece “The Asus Effect” won Post of the Week honors. Visit the Carnival Of … Continue reading