Over 40 Bookmarklets for Mobile Browsers

Mobile Bookmarklets

I’ve updated the Mobile Bookmarklets page at o.yeswap.com. It has over 40 tested mobile bookmarklets and instructions for using them.

I’ve gone through the page and fixed bookmarks that were no longer working where possible and deleted the broken ones that I couldn’t fix. I also added a couple of new bookmarkets.

New bookmarklets added:

Add to Pinboard – adds the current page to the social bookmarking site pinboard.in
Add to Diigo – adds the current page to the social bookmarking site diigo.com

I fixed the following bookmarklets which had stopped working because of changes to web the services that they use:

Page Rank – Changed the page rank web service it uses from the defunct checkpr.mobi to cekpr.com
Add to Gbookmarks – Updated to work with the currtent Google Bookmarks API.
Add to Evernote – Fixed an error with the Evernote URL in the bookmarklet.

The following bookmarklets were deleted because they no longer work for the reasons listed:

Add to Buzzwire – Buzzwire.com appears to be dead.
Bloglines Citations – Bloglines no longer offers the Citations service.
Add to Bloglines – Saving a bookmark on the new Bloglines requires a POST request which doesn’t seemĀ  to be possible using a bookmarklet.
Screenshot – The superscreenshot.com service has shut down and I haven’t been able to find a working replacement.
Technorati This – Technorati no longer offers a search for links to blog posts

Many mobile browsers support JavaScript bookmarklets including Opera Mini 4.2 and 5.1, Mobile Internet Explorer, Palm Blazer, Opera Mobile, iOS Safari, the Android 2.2 browser, MicroB, Firefox Mobile and the latest version of Nokia Webkit on the N86, Symbian 5th edition and Symbian^3 devices.

For more about mobile bookmarklets see the following pages:
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Opera Mini 5/1 and Opera Mobile 10 have some bugs that can corrupt bookmarklets. See Problems With Bookmarklets in Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 for a explanation and workarounds.