Google’s New AdSense Mobile WebApp

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If you use Google’s AdSense platform to to serve ads on your desktop or mobile sites you can now check your earnings with your mobile browser.

Google’s new AdSense Mobile web interface opens up to show your current day’s earnings, total unpaid earnings and the amount of your last payment. You can also pull up graphs showing your daily earnings for the last 7 or 30 days or for the current or previous months as well as any custom reports you have defined.

The mobile interface should be served automatically to mobile browsers visiting provided you have opted into using the “new” AdSense interface. If you don’t see it the direct URL of the mobile interface is currently

Unlike with some of Google’s recent mobile webapps which only seem to work with the iPhone and Android browsers, this one is relatively cross platform. The mobile version came up automatically for me using the WebOS, bada and Symbian^3 browsers and with Opera Mini. It worked perfectly in all those browsers except the Symbian and bada ones where the graphs didn’t display.

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