Google’s New AdSense Mobile WebApp

If you use Google’s AdSense platform to to serve ads on your desktop or mobile sites you can now check your earnings with your mobile browser. Google’s new AdSense Mobile web interface opens up to show your current day’s earnings, total unpaid earnings and the amount of your last payment. You can also pull up graphs showing your daily earnings for the last 7 or 30 days or for the current or previous months as well as any custom reports … Continue reading

Site Hacked? Check Your AdSense Publisher ID And 3rd Party Scripts

Sometime Saturday night was hacked. The hackers didn’t do much damage.  Their goal was apparently financial gain rather than wanton destruction.  All that was changed was the  publisher ID in the JavaScript code for the AdSense block in the sidebar.  This meant that ad impressions and clicks were credited to someone else’s account instead of mine.  Ads continued to run and I probably would never have discovered it except for one thing.  Sunday evening I noticed that the ad’s … Continue reading

AdSense for Mobile Woes – Solved!

Remember a month ago when I blogged about how AdSense for Mobile had suddenly stopped working on  And my repeated attempts at contacting Google using their official support email and online help form and getting nothing in reply except unhelpful automated replies? Well I finally got AdSense working again, no thanks to Google and their apparent policy of no support for AdSense.  To be fair, the problem was never Google’s.  It turned out that something I did broke AdSense.  … Continue reading

Is Google Losing Their Edge in Mobile?

Google apparently killed three of their mobile products today.  Google Notebook, Jaiku and Dodgeball.  I really don’t get it. Less than a year ago CEO Eric Schmidt said that “…mobile will be a larger business than the PC-Web” and now he is killing mobile products! Of the three services, micro-blogging platform Jaiku had the most mind share with a fanatically loyal user base. The Finnish startup was acquired by Google in Oct 2007 with much fanfare.  Google stated at the … Continue reading