Nokia E7 Unboxing Gallery

E7 Instruction Card

I’ve took some unboxing photos of the E7 trial device that WOMWorld/Nokia sent me. Click the thumbnails below to view full size.

The most remarkable feature of this particular E7 is the custom slip cover personalized with a Tweet from me about the E7 (pasted into a text message on the E7 screen). The cover is also signed by Nokia’s new CEO, Steven Elop. Sliding off the slip cover reveals the normal retail box. I understand that a number of tech bloggers received E7’s in similar customized packaging this week.

When I opened the sealed inter box I was somewhat surprised that there was no documentation other than a little card showing how to insert the SIM (image above). The usual User Guide was no where to be found. I suspect this E7 was a pre-release model packaged before the English user guide was printed. I had no trouble finding a PDF copy of the Guide on the Nokia site. (I actually read the things!)

One thing I never would have figured out without the User Guide is that the E7 has a built in flashlight (torch). The lock/unlock slide on the left side of the phone turns the flashlight on or off when held down for a few seconds. Curiously, the flashlight only works if you are on the phone’s home screen. I’m not sure I like that as it potentially adds an extra step to turning on the light quickly in an emergency.

I’m really enjoying the E7. It feels really great in the hand and the OS and UI are the same as my E7 so there’s no learning curve for me. The wonderful physical keyboard is what really defines this phone. It’s by far the best keyboard I’ve used on a phone. WOMWorld is sending me to CTIA next week and I’m looking forward to taking lots of notes with the E7 and maybe even doing a little live blogging.

I’ll have the phone for at least another ten days so if you have any questions about the E7 shoot me a comment.

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