Nokia E7 Review

I sent my Nokia E7 loaner back to WOMWorld/Nokia last week and I was sad to see it go. The E7 is not perfect but my overall experience with it was very good. The E7 is the successor to Nokia’s successful Communicator series (image of 1998 9110 Comunicator below) which were clam-shell devices featuring a large screen and spacious QWERTY keyboard.   The Communicators were pocket-able devices that provided a near-laptop experience and were popular with professionals who wanted to be … Continue reading

Nokia E7 Unboxing Gallery

I’ve took some unboxing photos of the E7 trial device that WOMWorld/Nokia sent me. Click the thumbnails below to view full size. The most remarkable feature of this particular E7 is the custom slip cover personalized with a Tweet from me about the E7 (pasted into a text message on the E7 screen). The cover is also signed by Nokia’s new CEO, Steven Elop. Sliding off the slip cover reveals the normal retail box. I understand that a number of … Continue reading