Video: T-Mobile Nokia Astound Run Over By A Bus!

Last week at CTIA WOMWorld/Nokia‘s Tom Messett came up with a crazy idea. He wanted to run over a brand new T-Mobile Astound (Nokia C7) with the four ton, 15 passenger Ovi Maps Bus!

I told Tom he was crazy, the phone would surely be smashed, but there was no dissuading him. The results surprised me, the Astound not only survived and but it still worked and looked great. See for yourself in this HD video that I shot on another Astound.

If you’re viewing this post on your phone and don’t see the video click here to watch it on YouTube.

Incidentally, I know it’s April 1st but this is NOT an April Fools post. The video is real, we only did one take and Tom used the Astound as his main phone the rest of the week at CTIA