Carnival of the Mobilists #252

Calling Notting Hill Carnival

Photo: Fabiana Zonca – Some rights reserved Creative Commons License

Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of the Mobilists, a recurring showcase of the best recent blog posts on mobile topics. This month’s Carnival offers a fine selection of posts from all areas of the mobile ecosystem.

In The End of Cross-Platform Mobile Operating Systems Richard Monson-Haefel at Ambient Strategic Mobility argues that tightly integrated mobile ecosystems à la iOS are the key to success for mobile platforms. Agree or disagree?

Sachendra Yadav at Technology, Mobility, Usability and other Musings analyzes UX issues in a popular iPhone RSS reader app and offers suggestions for fixing them in How NOT to design for multiple screens: Pulse iPhone App Usability issues.

Which world city makes the greatest and most sophisticated use of mobile technology? The mobile city project – the blueprint of a truly mobilized city by mobiThinking’s Andy looks for the answer.

At Mobyaffiliates James Coops argues that for mobile publishers, admob’s best days are behind it and the upstart mobile ad network mobfox is the new admob.

Musings of a mobile marketer‘s Helen Keegan looks at “App Overload” and the difficulties users have finding quality apps relevant to their needs in The trouble With Apps.

Helen also alerts us that the Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards are open for entries. Prizes totalling €200k will be awarded to the apps that best enable social participation, independent living, mobility and well-being for disabled and elderly individuals.

Peter-Paul Koch (ppk) at [quirksmode] looks at why and how any new WebOS owner or licensee will need to engage and enable Web developers in Twelve steps for saving webOS.

MediaNama‘s Nikhil Pahwa presents some ideas for encouraging India’s mobile services ecosystem to government regulators in MediaNama’s Final Recommendations To TRAI On Regulation Of MVAS.

At MobileGrove Peggy Anne Salz interviews Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland who tells marketers that the best way to get consumer’s attention is by providing real value. Peggy’s Rory Sutherland Tells Mobile Marketers: Focus On Value Exchange & Consumer Experience is a must read for mobile marketers.

Also at MobileGroove, Charles Knight looks at recently acquired Goby, an app that helps you find things to do nearby and interviews Goby’s CEO in Mobile Search App Goby Finds Fun Stuff Nearby; Acquired By TeleNav.

At SmartMobs Judy Breck explores the unlikely reason that Martha’s Vineyard residents warmly welcome the president of the United States when he vacations there. It’s because Obama brings cell power to the Vineyard.

WapReview’s contribution to the Carnival is GetGlue’s Mobile Webapp Lets you Check-in to Books, Movies, Music, Baseball Games and More, my review of the trending mobile media check in service GetGlue.

Mark Bridge at the TheFoneCast presents an Interview with Neal Fullman, CEO of Get Taxi about the startup’s plans to use an app running on a dedicated mobile device to revolutionize the way London cabs are dispatched and booked.

My Post of the Month pick goes to ppk for his suggestions for saving WebOS. I hope someone does pick up HP’s cast off mobile OS and that they take the suggestions to heart. We need more, not less mobile ecosystem diversity and WebOS is arguably the most interesting and innovative of the current crop of mobile operating systems and too good to die.

The Best Post by a New Carnival Participant honors go to Richard Monson-Haefel for his well reasoned analysis of the relative merits of a closed, integrated mobile ecosystem like the iPhone vs. the Windows PC/Linux/Android approach of supplying a platform to multiple hardware vendors.

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