SPeeDY New Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android With Improved CSS3 and HTML5 Support

Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android 1.6 and later was released today. It’s available now from the Play Store. Sideloaders can download the .apk from opera.com/mobile/download/versions/. This release emphasizes improved performance. It includes support for additional CSS3 and HTML5 features and an implementation of Google’s SPDY “SPeeDY” protocol which reduces latency and improves page loading speed.  Fraud protection, which warns users of suspicious web pages has been added and Opera Mobile for Android now supports MIPS and Intel processors.  Here’s the full change … Continue reading

How to Use IPhone and Android Webapps in the Opera Mobile, N9, Windows Phone and Other Browsers

There are a lot of wiz bang new webapps that use rich graphics, fancy JavaScript effects and HTML5 features like geo-location and local storage. But if you have a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, N900, N9, Symbian or WebOS phone or you’re using Opera Mobile or Firefox Mobile, you probably aren’t seeing them because they are only served to IOS and Android devices Opera Mobile and Firefox Mobile and the browsers on other smartphone platforms are often as poweful or more powerfull than iOS Safari or the … Continue reading

Opera Mobile 12.0 Symbian Update One Fixes Bugs, Restores <video> Support.

Opera Software today issued an update to Opera Mobile 12.0 for Symbian.  It fixes a number of bugs and restores HTML5 <video> and <audio> support.  Here’s the changelog. Fixes: Fixed crash when logging into Twitter Fixed bug with web forms auto-submission Fixed HTML5 audio/video tags support (now we score 319 + 9 bonus points on http://html5test.com) Improved performance of zooming animations and general responsiveness during page loading Fixed a number of startup/shutdown crashes Changes for font size in opera:config can now … Continue reading

Hands On With Opera Mobile 12 For Symbian and Android

Last week, Opera Software released Opera Mobile 12.0 for Android 1.6 and up and for Symbian 3rd edition FP1 and later. Here’s a rundown of the new features in Opera Mobile 12 as well as my impressions using the new browser on both platforms. New Features on both Android and Symbian: The Start Page (image below, left) has been redesigned. Now it can store and handle more than 9 speed dials. To make adding Speed Dials easier, a new “Add … Continue reading

What’s New In The Nokia Belle Browser

Nokia Belle comes with a new 7.4 version  of the Webkit based Nokia browser. Here’s a run down of what I’ve been able to find that’s new and improved in latest browser. Geolocation support. Sites can now use a Web standards compliant Javascript API to request the user’s location. When a site makes a location request the browser prompts the user if they wish to allow or deny the request (image above, left). This feature works with many existing sites … Continue reading

Net Magazine’s “20 HTML5 Sites that changed the game” – Many Work Well In Mobile Browsers

Thanks to Opera’s Bruce Lawson (@brucel) sharing the link on Twitter I discovered Oli (@boblet) Studholme’s “2011 in review: 20 HTML5 sites that changed the game“ piece on netmagazine.com. It’s a great showcase of pages that exploit new web technology to good effect.  I first saw the link while browsing with the Android 2.3 browser on a Motorola Photon and was surprised and pleased that both .net magazine and many of the showcased sites (HTML5 for Web Developers, Move the Web Forward, The Boston Globe, SoundCloud, Anatomy … Continue reading

Retailer New Look’s Cross Platform Mobile WebApp Delivers 500% Sales Increase!

New Look, a UK based retailer of men and women’s clothing and teen fashions, is reporting a 500% increase in mobile online sales since launching a redesigned mobile site in May. The redesign by Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) employs HTML5 and JavaScript to deliver a rich “app like” experience complete with  zooming and spinning effects in capable browsers. Unlike some recent HTML5 mobile Webapps, this one is not iPhone and Android only.  In fact, MIG’s adaptive design supports over 12,000 different … Continue reading

Slideshare’s New HTML5 Mobile WebApp Works (Almost) Everywhere, Even In Opera Mini!

This week the popular presentation sharing site SlideShare launched a mobile Webapp.  Which is something I’m really excited about.  If you’re ever clicked a link in Twitter or an email using  your mobile browser or iPad and found yourself on Slideshare’s old non-mobile friendly Flash based site I think you will welcome the change too. According to SlidesShare the new mobile site supports the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The images above show it running on an HTC Magic phone running … Continue reading