The Las Vegas Sun’s Mobile Edition

One of the nicer mobile efforts from a news daily, the full featured mobile edition of the Las Vegas Sun at has news, weather and sports, an Arts & Entertainment section, editorials, staffer blogs and a local event calendar. Mobile users can view but not submit comments on articles and blog posts. Large images and lack of pagination on news items with many comments make some pages too large to load on phones with the Motorola MIB browser which … Continue reading

A Mobile Guide to Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Mobile Guide at is a new visitors guide to Amsterdam from the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. It has extensive coverage of attractions, bars, gay and lesbian events and establishments, restaurants, hotels, museums and transportation options with loads of photos and an interactive map. Although billed as being usable with all mobile browsers, the site is clearly optimized for advanced devices with large screens like the iPhone and G1. With some horizontal scrolling, it’s also usable … Continue reading

SpellBoy – Online Mobile Spell Checker

SpellBoy (  is a mobile web based spell checker. Unlike the other online spell checkers I’ve seen this one doesn’t require JavaScript so it will work almost any browser. To use SpellBoy you enter or paste the text you want to spellcheck into the single text field on the SpellBoy front page and press the “Check Spelling” submit button. SpellBoy displays your test with misspelled words replaced with drop-downs containing suggested spellings for each word. You correct the mistakes by … Continue reading

SmartyPig – Mobile Social Savings Program

SmartyPig is a service that combines online banking, money management and social networking. If that sounds like a weird combination read on. The basic concept of SmartyPig is to help people save for a specific goal, a vacation, new gadget or even a child’s college education. You link SmartyPig with a bank account and set up specific goals each with a name, goal amount and the date you want to achieve your goal. SmartyPig determines how much you will need … Continue reading

Mobypicture – Post Mobile Photos to All Your Networks

Mobypicture ( is a new service that lets you upload pictures from your phone to multiple social networks and blogging platforms including Twitter, Jaiku, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Brightkite, Facebook, Hyves or Vimeo. Uploading is by MMS, email or a “browse for file” web form on the Mobypicture mobile site. When you upload a picture it’s automatically posted to your accounts on all the networks and services you’ve configured in Mobypicture. Mobypicture  works well and seems popular, I’m seeing a … Continue reading

The New Yahoo Mobile Web Portal Is Live

Today at CTIA, Yahoo announced the availability of the new Yahoo Mobile.  It comes in the form of an iPhone app and as a mobile web site at I’ve been playing with the web based version a bit and it’s pretty nice already and should be great once a few opening day bugs are ironed out. Yahoo Mobile is a very flexible and open web portal which allows you to add virtually any sort of content, including third party … Continue reading

A List Apart Mobile

A List Apart (ALA) is a highly regarded online magazine covering web design and development started by Jeffrey Zeldman in 1998.  ALA is notable not only for the quality of its articles but also for the visual design and standards compliance of the site. ALA last week launched a mobile version which continues the tradition of superior design and usability set by the main site. ALA mobile scores 5 out of 5 on the test and the markup validates. … Continue reading and WordPress Mobile 3.0

I just found Ricky Cadden’s personal blog at, and it’s available in mobile friendly format!   Ricky’s one of my favorite tech writers. He’s the Editor of and News Editor at On his blog Ricky covers everything mobile related especially  tips for making the most of your phones and apps along with his observations on life in general. The site uses a brand new 3.0 version of Alex King’s Word Press Mobile Edition plugin which is optimized for … Continue reading