The Times’ New Mobile Going Out Guide

The venerable (founded 1785) U.K. daily  The Times, has a rather nice mobile site at  The attractive and content rich site features articles from the paper’s News, Business, Sport, Tech & Web, Entertainment, Weather, Markets and Jobs sections. But that’s not all, earlier this month The Times launched a new feature,  the  Going Out Guide. It’s a location based directory of nearby events, movies and watering holes. The guide looks useful with a large database of establishments, reviews and … Continue reading’s New Mobile Site is a long running (since 1995) and popular online magazine.  It covers music, books, music, technology, trends, sports and politics with lengthy, well-written articles. Mobile is nothing new to Salon which launched an Avantgo “feed” in 2001 that’s also available on the open mobile web at  That text-only site is still active, unchanged in format in eight years. It  carries a selection of about ten recent articles from Salon.  It’s an interesting read but probably a bit limiting … Continue reading

Redesigned Zedge Mobile Is Not “Dumbed Down”

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at, the huge (13 million users, Alexa rank 492)  mobile content sharing network.   Owned by IDT, Zedge is primarily a place where users can upload content (ringtones, themes, wallpapers and videos) for sharing and transfer to their phones. A big part of Zedge is content creation. The site has easy to use online tools for making and modifying ringtones, themes, wallpapers and screensavers and the busy Zedge support forums help new users … Continue reading

Wheretraveler – Free U.S. Mobile Travel Guides

The publisher of the Insider’s Guide series of travel books offers an alternative to bulky printed travel guides at WhereTraveler (  The site has mobile web based  guides to major US cities plus London and Paris. Guides list recommended Shops, Attractions, Tours, Transportation, Museums, Galleries, Neighborhoods, Spas, Salons, Theaters and Night Spots with descriptions, price range, address and click to call phone numbers.  There’s a translation feature that will machine translate listings to 21 different languages. There’s also an … Continue reading

Glocut – A Mobile Location Mashup With Great Usability

Glocut is one of the nicest local search web apps I’ve seen yet. What sets it apart from all the others is its deceptively simple but effective user interface. When you launch Glocut the first time you will need to enter your location. It’s not very fussy about  formatting; a full street address, city, country, postal code or a landmark like “Times Square”; they all work . It gets even better, Glocut has a tiny Java or Windows Mobile native … Continue reading

Lurvely – Discover Spectacular Photography on Flickr

Lurvely (  is a new iPhone web app and mobile site built on the Flickr API. Lurvely is designed  to find the most beautiful and artistic photos on Flickr. If you log into Lurvely with your Flickr credentials you can  “Lurve” a photo which is the equivalent of Flickr’s favoriting. Photos on the front page come from Flickr’s Interestingness stream. Other pages show the  most Lurved photos by the most Lurved photographers. It really does work, the  photos on … Continue reading

Buzzwire Wants to be the Mobile Digg

There have been numerous attempts at duplicating the success of Digg on the mobile web.  Mobile sites like Admob owned TapTap along with bMarks, Mobilised and Tappity copy the basic Digg model of a crowd sourced URL sharing recommendation engine.  These sites seem to be getting a fair amount of traffic although none of four has anything like Digg’s name recognition. Buzzwire, a new service at which was launched today, aims to change that.  Buzzwire, as a  company, is … Continue reading

Found on the Mobile Web #51

Found on the Mobile Web is an weekly WAP Review feature listing newly added and updated sites on the mobile portal and mobile site directory. With these latest additions the directory and portal now list 1377 mobile sites. Sports NCAA Just in time for March madness, here’s a  directory of links to over 275 NCAA Division I University sporting websites. That’s over 80% of all Division I schools. The links are arranged by conference so it’s easy … Continue reading