Updated: Read PDF’s On Your Phone With Opera Mini 5

Updated 19-Oct-2009 -Added pdfdownload.org and Serola’s mobile PDF conversion form. After Adobe Flash, I think the second biggest mobile browsing annoyance is  the PDF file format, which most mobile browsers can’t display. Thanks to Opera Mini and the ingenuity of the mobile user community it is now possible to view PDFs on most phones.  The process is a bit tedious but if you really need to read a particular PDF on your phone it works. The idea is to grab … Continue reading

MWC09: Flash Lite Client Finally Free!

Adobe seems to have dropped their brain-dead practice of charging for the Flash client for mobile phones.  I never understood why the far more capable desktop client was free but Adobe expected end-users and OEMs to pay for the mobile client.  In my opinion, if the mobile client had been free from the start Flash would be the dominant mobile application platform today instead of Java ME. At MWC, Adobe  launched  a new distributable player solution that finally brings the … Continue reading