Moving On From Mobile Bloglines

I’ve been using Bloglines Mobile (image top, left) in Opera Mini for over five years  to keep up with over one hundred mobile bloggers and forums.  It was an awesome combination, I could read my 170+ feed subscriptions with it in Opera Mini on a 2G feature phone faster than I could with Google Reader on the desktop. Plus, Opera Mini let me save  all my unread items as a single page for off-line reading. Bloglines has been dying a … Continue reading

Google Reader’s Wii Version Is My Bloglines Mobile Replacement

In this age of Twitter I’m finding I use RSS a lot less than I used to. Most of the bloggers and sites I used to read in my RSS reader are active on Twitter and they always Tweet a link to their latest post. But I still use RSS, particularly to follow web forums and mailing lists. People who post to forums and lists don’t usually tweet about it,  but many forums including the My Opera Forums and Forum … Continue reading

Why I Still Use Bloglines

I love what Google is doing for mobile; pushing the limits of device and OS capabilities with Android, championing HTML5 and the Web as the future of mobile applications and adopting a “mobile first” philosophy where new services are rolled out before or at the same time as their desktop counterparts. But I do have a bone to pick with the way one of Google most popular web services, Google Reader, works on mobile.  I really wish I could use … Continue reading