Sprint Developer Conference – M2M and Meego

I’m at Sprint’s Developer Conference in Santa Clara today. I’m surprised at how large it is. There are 1500 registered attendees and at least half of the (typically morning adverse developers) showed up for the 9:30 AM opening keynote. Sprint is only the third largest US operator, serving 50 million customers or about 17% of total US mobile users and around 1% of the world’s phones. So why did 1500 mobile developers show up for a relatively minor operator’s event, … Continue reading

The Best U.S. Prepaid Voice and Text Deals

This post is no longer updated! Please visit PrepaidPhoneNews.com to read the current version. (Originally published in August 2009), last updated 26-Nov-2010 with removal of Virgin Mobile Texter’s Delight Plan, which is no longer offered. Prepaid mobile plans are finally getting the popularity they deserve in the U.S.  This is happening at both the high and  low ends of the market. It’s easy to see why. Post paid plans start at $40 after taxes and that’s  for a limited bucket … Continue reading