Updated: Opera Mini Users No Longer Blocked From Full Version of Facebook

Update: It looks like this issue has been fixed. Users of Opera Mini and other mobile browsers can now visit the full version of Facebook.  That’s not to say that every feature of  Facebook’s deskop site will work perfectly in every mobile browser, but at least mobile users will be able to try.  The direct url to the full site is www.facebook.com/?m2w or you  can start with facebook.com, which will redirect you to the mobile version.  Scroll to the bottom … Continue reading

Does Your FaceBook Fan Page Work In Mobile Browsers?

Do you use a  FaceBook Fan Page to promote your company, website or band? Have you tried visiting it with a mobile phone? There’s a bug in Facebook’s mobile browser detection and redirection logic that causes many Fan Pages to return a 404 “Not Found” error when visited with most mobile browsers. This bug doesn’t affect the iPhone, Android and WebOS browsers which are not redirected and get the desktop version of the fan page,  but S60 Webkit, Opera Mini, … Continue reading

Serve Mobile or Full Content to Full-Web Mobile Browsers?

The distinction between the mobile web and the “full” web is getting fuzzy. We have millions of phones running full-web browsers such as Opera, Safari, S60Webkit and NetFront that can display almost any web site.  Not only can these browsers handle JavaScript but the latest S60WebKit can play Flash .flv videos in the browser and it plus Opera Mobile 8.65 and 9.5 do a decent job with AJAX pages. Web developers should be asking “Which version of my pages should … Continue reading