Carnival of the Mobilits at Ubiquitous Thoughts

Carnival 149 is up at Mark van ‘t Hooft’s blog, Ubiquitous Thoughts. This week’s edition has insightful and timely posts on the impact of the recession on the mobile industry, mobile downloads, carriers and 3G data, mobiles in education and in the US presidential election. Click on over to Carnival of the Mobilists #149: A Quiet Fall Festival to read the week’s best writing on mobile. Mark pointed out that there were not many entries to this Carnival. This should … Continue reading

Google’s Disruptive Android Strategy

The first Android phone will be announced by Google and T-Mobile tomorrow, September 23 at 10:30 AM Eastern time in New York City.  The phone itself is the HTC Dream branded as a T-Mobile G1. Beyond that everything about the phone is conjecture.  Most rumors put the device in stores Oct 13 at $199 on a two year contract.    Further rumor mongering  predicts UK and German releases, also on T-Mobile in October or November.  There’s also  the potential of a … Continue reading