TicketMaster’s Low Tech Solution to the Mobile Payment Problem

I’ve been pretty disappointed with attempts to offer online event ticketing via the mobile web. The sites I’ve looked at have been marred by pretty serious usability issues.  A lot of the problems are related to payment. There really aren’t any convenient ways to pay for purchases on the mobile web that are also widely adopted.  The mobile versions of PayPal and Google Checkout are easy to use but don’t seem to have caught on with consumers or merchants.  On … Continue reading

Usability Flaws Mar Mobile Tickets.Com

Tickets.com, a major online ticket broker owned by MLB.com (Major League Baseball)  has launched a mobile version of their service at mobile.tickets.com. Tickets.com handles tickets for events around the world ranging from chamber music concerts to professional wrestling. The mobile site uses a two-level hierarchical menu with top level categories of “Sports”, “Concerts”, “Arts” and “Family Events” each of which is divided into a dozen or more additional categories. There’s also a search box. Mobile ticketing is something I’d be … Continue reading