Urbanspoon – Mobile Webapp Version Of An iPhone App Hit

Urbanspoon is one of the success stories of the iPhone appstore phenomenon. The self-funded three man start-up began as a web based, crowd sourced guide to dinning out in  major metropolitan areas in the US and Canada.  Urbanspoon  launched a location aware iPhone app shortly after Apple opened the platform to third party developers in 2008. The app quickly became one of the 10 most downloaded apps on iTunes. Then Urbanspoon really hit it big after Apple featured it in … Continue reading

BooRah – New Mobile Restaurant Review Site

BooRah (boorah.com/restaurants/m/) is a crowd-sourced restaurant review site along the lines of Yelp (review) and Zagat (review) but with a couple of differences. First, instead of relying only it’s own members to build up a critical mass of reviews, BooRah pulls in reviews from other sites like CitySearch, Insider Pages and Yahoo Reviews. The other difference is that BooRah ignores the scores and star ratings in these reviews. Instead it performs a structural and semantic analysis of the review text … Continue reading