How To Create A WordPress Mobile Pack Custom Theme

I consider WordPress Mobile Pack (WPMP) by James Pearce & friends to be the best plug-in for creating a mobile friendly version of your WordPress Blog. It detects mobile devices and serves them a compact, fast loading version of your blog. There’s a link to the full site on every page so mobile users aren’t locked into mobile formatted version. And unlike some other mobile plugins that only work with the iPhone and other high end devices, WPMP detects all … Continue reading

Mobify – The Designer’s Choice

Handi Mobility‘s mobile design and hosting platform, has scored some significant wins lately. A number of web and product designers are using it to create mobile versions of their own sites. Here are a few of the design sites using Jeffrey Zeldman’s A List Apart, one of the top web design sites in traffic and influence. Web designer and Creative Director at Twitter, Douglas Bowman’s personal site, Stopdesign. Graphic and Web designer Veerle Pieter‘s blog. John Boardley’s I … Continue reading