Hands On With Opera’s New In-Browser Mobile App Store

Yesterday, Norway’s Opera Software announced the release of the Opera Mobile Store (image top right), a cross platform app store for Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian and legacy Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. The store is a mobile web app at mobilestore.opera.com.  It was created in partnership with Appia (formerly PocketGear) and includes both free and paid apps.  When I tried it the only payment option available was by credit card. Publishers receive 70% of  net sales revenue (after taxes … Continue reading

GetJar Visual Bookmarks Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Visual Bookmarks from GetJar.com. It’s a free service which creates a tiny application. When the application is launched it opens your mobile web site in the phone’s browser. The neat thing about that is that it puts an icon linking to your site right in the phone’s main menu. On some phones, including S60 3rd edition ones like the N95, Visual Bookmarks can even be added to the idle screen. In the … Continue reading

Put Your Mobile Site On Phone Menus

I met Bill Scott, GetJar.com‘s VP of sales and business development, at CTIA. Bill showed me a rather clever way to promote a mobile site called Visual Bookmarks.  They are tiny (about 4KB for the Java version) Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile or BlackBerry applications that do nothing but launch your site in the phone browser. So what good is a Visual Bookmark?  What it gives you is another channel  for driving mobile traffic to your site. Visual Bookmarks also have … Continue reading