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I’ve launched a new blog,, covering the US pay as you go mobile industry from a user’s perspective. The site grew out of a series of posts I wrote on WapReview that compared the various operator and MVNO prepaid offerings for both voice/SMS only and data users. Those posts have consistently been among the most popular on Wapreview so I decided to spin the prepaid coverage off to a dedicated site. Prepaid Phone News is also an experiment in … Continue reading

aBrilliantBlog Is Now A Mobile Blog

aBrilliantBlog is Jeb Brilliant’s personal blog on all things mobile. Jeb is a social media and brand image consultant to the mobile industry and also runs a trade show and events production company. At aBrilliantBlog Jeb writes about mobile services, VOIP, social networking and devices, especially Nokias. Jeb uses the Mippin WordPress plugin to create the mobile version of aBrilliantBlog. I’m pleased to see that the Mippin plugin supports thematic consistency – a link to any post on the desktop … Continue reading

Don’t Break Mobile Thematic Consistency

Updated 12-Dec-2008 Added clarification of how the MoFuse plugin works. In the jargon of mobile web development “thematic consistency” means that if you visit the same URL with different devices you should see more or less the same content.  It may be formatted differently, images may be smaller or missing and long pages split up when viewed with a mobile browser, but the essential theme of the page should be the same on all devices. For example, if you write … Continue reading