Don’t Break Mobile Thematic Consistency

Updated 12-Dec-2008 Added clarification of how the MoFuse plugin works. In the jargon of mobile web development “thematic consistency” means that if you visit the same URL with different devices you should see more or less the same content.  It may be formatted differently, images may be smaller or missing and long pages split up when viewed with a mobile browser, but the essential theme of the page should be the same on all devices. For example, if you write … Continue reading

Mashable Goes Mobile – With a MashUp

Peter Cashmore’s Mashable is a high-traffic news blog covering social networking, web 2.0 and mobile. I suspect the site’s name comes from “Mashup” – combing two (or more) web services to create a new site or service, think of TwitterVision which combines Ttwitter feeds with the Google Maps API to show Twitter updates as text bubbles on a world map.  Mashable does cover mashups, especially ones involving popular social networks. But Mashable is a lot more than mashups, with 20 … Continue reading