Here and Now, Nokia’s New Mobile Portal

Nokia launched a new mobile site yesterday called “Here and Now“. It’s a mobile portal emphasizing music news and movie reviews from Rolling Stone and also featuring news from Reuters,  gossip from US Weekly, game and  application downloads, videos and a small directory of 3rd party mobile websites.  Nokia claims Here and Now is targeted at 18 to 35 year olds.  That’s OK by me if it keeps the marketing pros at Nokia employed but I really don’t see how  … Continue reading

The Olympics on Your Phone – Part 2

The Beijing Olympics are now underway, the opening ceremonies have already happened although we won’t see them on TV in the US until “Prime Time” this evening. I featured 12 Olympic mobile sites last month in Get Ready for the Olympics on Your Phone, since then four more mobile sites have created dedicated Olympics pages so here’s a quick look at the new entrants. In the original article I mentioned the mobile version of Google News as a good way … Continue reading