Today On The Mobile Web

Hot mobile topics from the interwebs today. Motorola Android handset launch events scheduled for Sept. 10th in San Francisco and  Sept. 15th in London Bank of Nokia? NokiaMoney,  a global mobile payment system will launch early next year. This could  be big, if it works on all handsets – not just Nokias. Happy Birthday WMLprogramming! Pioneering mobile web developer mailing list turns ten, bigger and more relevant than ever. Free mobile internet for all Vodafone UK customers this Friday. – Where Are All the Apps?

The huge international operator Vodafone supports and hosts a mobile developer community and forum on the web at  About a year ago Vodafone added game and application downloads to the site and re-launched Betavine as a community for both developers and users.  At the same time they created a mobile edition of the app portal at Developers submit new mobile games and applications to Betavine which are then available for download on the web and at  Users … Continue reading

Opting Out of Transcoding

Remember the furor that erupted on the web and the wmlprogramming Yahoo group over transcoders? Specifically, the ones that Vodafone UK and other carriers implemented with the goal of making non-mobile web pages more usable on mobile handsets? The issue was that these services had the (hopefully unintended) consequence of degrading or completely breaking numerous mobile web sites and services. Ring tone and game downloads no longer worked, some mobile web sites didn’t load or displayed malformed content. Sites that … Continue reading