Today On The Mobile Web

Hot mobile topics from the interwebs today. Motorola Android handset launch events scheduled for Sept. 10th in San Francisco and  Sept. 15th in London Bank of Nokia? NokiaMoney,  a global mobile payment system will launch early next year. This could  be big, if it works on all handsets – not just Nokias. Happy Birthday WMLprogramming! Pioneering mobile web developer mailing list turns ten, bigger and more relevant than ever. Free mobile internet for all Vodafone UK customers this Friday.

Transcoders and HTTPS

The W3C is still grappling with the issues around content transformation. As I wrote back in August, the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group (BPWG) within the W3C is in the process of formulating a set of Content Transformation Guidelines, defining how web to mobile transcoders should work. The discussions have been extremely heated.  Virtually everyone developing mobile web sites just wants  transcoders to leave their content alone.  There’s considerable distrust in the developer community about the the BPWG, which many … Continue reading