ShootTokyo – An American in Tokyo’s Lively Photo Blog

New Mobile WebApp Added to the Wap Review Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability  Doctype: html Home Page Weight: 1074 KB (787 KB compressed) Category: Images Description: A photography blog from an American named Dave who has lived and worked in Tokyo for over a dozen years. The site is filled with great photos not just of Tokyo but also from places around the world that Dave’s day job in the tech takes him. The blog’s not just photos either, all … Continue reading

New Flickr Mobile

Flickr recently rolled out an updated version of their mobile site at When I first reviewed Flickr Mobile I found it limited but useful. This update removes most of the limitations I mentioned. Photos are now searchable by tag or description and new links give you more options for viewing your contact’s photos. One of the best features of Flickr Mobile, the ability to upload photos directly from your browser, has been retained. Browser uploading only works from certain … Continue reading