PicoNote – Google Notebook Reborn?

PicoNote at m.piconote.com is basic but highly usable note taking mobile web app. It looks like a good replacement for the¬†discontinued Google Notebook. The plain text notes can be public or private and are created and viewed using the piconote.com full web site, the mobile site or a Windows only PC application. The desktop version stores notes locally for offline access and synchronizes your notes with the PicoNote cloud for anywhere access and backup. There’s also Twitter integration, you can … Continue reading

Google Tasks For Mobile Released

Yesterday Google launched a mobile web version of  their Beta Tasks web application. Tasks is a Google Labs product currently.  Before you can use it on your phone you have to first go into the “standard” (not basic HTML) desktop version of gMail, click on “Settings” and then on the “Labs” tab and enable Tasks. On the full web, Google Tasks is integrated into Gmail.  The mobile version is a stand alone page.  To view it visit gmail.com/tasks (in some … Continue reading

Evernote – Remember Everything

I’ve just discovered Evernote and I think I’ll be using this service a lot. It combines online notes, bookmarking, character recognition and a filling system to create a very efficient way to capture and organize your thoughts, observations and all those things you need to remember. There are a couple of versions of Evernote, I’m using the 3.0 beta which is Web (and mobile web) based, although it also has a optional desktop component. I haven’t tried the older desktop-only … Continue reading

Yodlee – Powerful Mobile Money Management

Yodlee Money Center is a web based personal finance application. The service, which is free for personal use, is actually an “account aggregator” meaning it lets you view and manage multiple bank and brokerage, credit card, loan and PayPal accounts within a single application. Yodlee can import transactions from hundreds of institutions and when it loads your transactions it automatically assigns each to a category like income, expenses, entertainment, utilities. You can override these categories and setup your own. Yodlee … Continue reading

Buxfer – Mobile Money Manager

Buxfer has gotten some attention lately as one of the first two sites to use Google Gears for Mobile which lets you use web sites even when you have no network connection. The other Gears Mobile powered site, online office suite Zoho, only works with Windows Mobile devices. But Buxfer, which is a free personal finance and payment service,¬† supports most phones with both a mobile site and an SMS interface. Of course, only WinMo phones get the advantage of … Continue reading