Go800 – Your Twitter Name Is Your Phone Number!

MobileMonday NYC founder and prolific mobile entrepreneur David Harper (Winksite, Delivr, PercentMobile) has  co-founded another  new venture. It’s Go800 (go800corp.com), and it allows people to call your phone by texting your Twitter name to 46800 (“go800” on phone keypads).  You can connect your Go800 enabled name to just about any sort of phone number, including mobile, landline, Skype, toll-free or Google Voice numbers. The default is for your Go800 name to be public, meaning anyone who knows your Twitter name … Continue reading

Dataopedia’s Mobile Formatted Web Traffic Statistics

If you are at all interested web traffic statistics, or just want to see how your site is doing take a look at Dataopedia. The site combines data, including charts and graphs, from Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, Google, Digg, Delicious, registrar records and other sources into to a single page packed with site metrics. It doesn’t really tap into mobile traffic data sources and doesn’t read .mobi registrar records so its more useful for analyzing desktop websites than mobile ones. The … Continue reading

Read “Steve Jobs hates the App Store” at FactoryCity

Chris Messina is an opensource advocate known for his work with Firefox, Flock and the Bar Camp movement. I just read a great post of his titled “Steve Jobs hates the App Store“. The title is a bit misleading, the provocative and lively post is really about Chris’ belief that the future of computing, including mobile computing, is not with apps but with web services. Highly recommended. You can read Steve Jobs hates the App Store and the rest of … Continue reading