Eater’s Lively Hyperlocal Food Blog Network

New Mobile Web App Added to the Wap Review Directory Mobile Link: Rating: Content  Usability  Doctype: html Home Page Weight: 673 KB (422 KB compressed) Category: Food Description: Eater is a hyperlocal blog network covering dining and drinking in what it calls the US’ “most important food cities” which according to Eater are New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, Charleston, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Louisville, Chicago, Minneapolis, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. … Continue reading

The Wrap’s Adaptive Mobile Design Works With All Mobile Browsers

New Site Added to the Wap Review Mobile Directory   Mobile Link: Rating:Content  Usability  Doctype: XHTML-MP Home Page Weight: 29-288 KB Category: Movies Description: Since its launch in 2009, The Wrap has quickly grown to become one of the most respected and popular sites covering Hollywood and the movie business. The Wrap was founded by author and former New York Times Hollywood correspondent, Sharon Waxman who currently serves as the site’s CEO and Editor in Chief The Wrap’s mobile version is an adaptive … Continue reading