Latest Social Update Fixes the Nokia Belle “Feature Not Available” Sharing Bug

Update 22-Feb-2012: Nokia has released an update to the Social app that fixes the Sharing bug described below. A hard reset is no longer needed as updating Social restores the abilitity to share images from the Gallery to Twitter and Facebook.  To install the update eithr run Software Update on the phone or use Nokia Suite’s Phone Update feature. Updating my Nokia N8 to Belle went pretty smoothly.   I didn’t encounter the any of the email sync  or unresponsive UI issues that … Continue reading

Nokia Belle On My N8 – First Impressions

Belle, the latest OS upgrade for what used to be called Symbian phones, was released yesterday in most markets for the C6-01, C7, E6, E7, N8, X7 and Oro. Update: Belle for the Nokia 500 was released Feb 15.)  I was pleasantly surprised  to see that updates for US phones were available on the first day of the rollout. This is a welcome change from the Anna release which came to North America months after it was available in most countries. … Continue reading

Symbian Belle Announced, New Belle Phones Shipping in Six Weeks

If you are one of the lucky few to have the new Symbian Anna on your Symbian^3 phones get ready to wave it goodbye.  Today Nokia officially announced Belle, the next version of the Symbian OS today.  Nokia also announced three new phones that will come with Belle and will be available “this quarter”, or sometime in the next six weeks. Belle will also be delivered to the existing Symbian^3 devices (N8, E6, E7, C6-01, C7 and X7)) but that update … Continue reading

How To Reset the Nokia E6 and Re-install the OS


        To my horror the Nokia E6 review unit that WOMWorldNokia sent me seems to have developed a fault and has been spontaneously rebooting every ten minutes or so since yesterday morning.  I really like the phone and hoped to get a few more days use out of it before I have to send it back.  I’ve been successful in the past at fixing misbehaving Symbian phones with a soft or hard reset so I set about trying … Continue reading

Nokia’s Mobile Site Shows the N9 As Available Now In The US!

I fired up a Nokia N95-3 yesterday to test a mobile site’s compatibility with the old S60 3rd ed FP1 browser and look what came up when I opened the browser (images above). It’s a full screen ad for the N9. I believe that it will appear on any N95-3 where the user hasn’t altered the default homepage. The North American N95-3’s default home page is which redirects to, a promotional site for the as yet unreleased N9 MeeGo … Continue reading

Nokia’s N950 Developer Phone Looking Consumer Ready – Will Nokia Reconsider and Release It?

Image – Two week’s after Nokia’s N9 MeeGo phone announcement the platform is still generating considerable buzz.  The N9’s not released yet but its developer only clone, the N950, is starting to show up outside of Nokia – and its getting rave reviews. FoneArena has just published an extensive hands on report by Dhruv Bhutani covering the N950. Laced  with dozens of high quality photos and videos it’s phone porn at its finest. Dhruv says he’s “in love”  with the N950, … Continue reading

Symbian^3 Hard Reset Without Tears

At last weekend’s Nokia Unleashed event I discovered that my N8’s battery was not lasting as long as it used to. After about 8 hours of moderate use (taking about a dozen photos, responding to a few Tweets with Gravity, a one minute phone call and maybe an hour’s worth of Web browsing) my battery was completely dead! A full charge of the N8 (which is only 8 months old) used to last at least twice as long When I … Continue reading

My Thoughts On NokiaSoft

I’m still trying to digest today’s announcement that Nokia will adopt “Windows Phone as its primary smartphone strategy”. Symbian will become a “franchise platform”, which based on the slide below (from one of Nokia’s announcement  press PDFs) means will it will be gradually phased out. Meego will become a research project for exploration of future products. As the side below shows R&D investment in MeeGo will drop by about two thirds.  That slide also suggests that  massive layoffs in Nokia … Continue reading