Google Acquires Motorola, Spoils TabCo Launch

Today was supposed  to be TabCo‘s big day when the curtains were pulled back to reveal a new tablet manufacturer whose  revolutionary product would relegate Apple and Android to the dustbin. Well Google apparently had other ideas (not really, I don’t think they care a wiff about TabCo) and annouced their intent to aquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billon. Make no mistake, the Google Motorola deal is strictly about getting a hold of Motorola’s portfolio of 17, 000 patents. That combined with Google’s existing 7, 500 … Continue reading

Making Money In Mobile – Issues and Strategy

Photo: Some rights reserved by AMagill One of the recurring themes at this week’s Mobile 2.0 conference was how exactly do you make money in mobile? It was the topic of a couple of panels but no clear answer emerged. In talking with other attendees during breaks I found a fairly high level of frustration about revenue opportunities in mobile. It’s not easy for free lance  app developers and mobile web publishers to make a living from their work. Most … Continue reading

Mobile 2.0 Business Day – The Yahoo Phone and Innovation From Africa and Asia

Yesterday’s session of the Mobile 2.0 conference was dubbed the “Business Day“.  The focus was on where the mobile industry is headed and how startups, mobile publishers  and other entrepreneurs can profit from the rapid cycle of  that has characterized mobile since its infancy. It was a long day with over a dozen presentations and panels.  Rather than trying to cover every one of them which would make for a very long post, I’m going to focus on the one … Continue reading