Gtricks, “The Googleverse Blog” Now On Mobile

Gtricks, “the Googleverse Blog” is a great site for anyone who uses Google webapps, and who doesn’t. It’s packed with hundreds of tips on how to maximize your productivity using Google search, Gmail, Blogger, Orkut, Buzz, Reader, News, Doc, iGoogle and all the other Google services. Content includes little known but efficient ways of using Google products, secrets for finding right content with Google search and quick and easy ways to become Google power user. The site is updated several … Continue reading

Your Blogger Blog Is Now Mobile Friendly

Google’s Blogger is the largest blogging platform by far, hosting over 40 million individual blogs. While famous for the many spam blogs or “splogs” it hosts, the free service is also used by millions of legitimate bloggers including some well know ones like Google Operating System, PostSecret, the law blog Althouse and Michael Mace’s Mobile Opportunity.  It’s even used for some big corporate blogs like the official Twitter and Alexa blogs and all of Google own blogs such as the … Continue reading

Use Google Buzz In Opera Mini, Bolt, MicroB and Firefox Mobile!

Google’s Buzz has certainly generated a lot of negative reactions around the web over privacy issues and the fact that many Android users were denied access to it. Google has been in damage control mode ever since the Buzz launch and has made some changes that go a long way to answering both criticisms. The privacy issue was obviously the more serious.  A lot of  Gmail users felt that their privacy had been violated by Buzz’s auto-follow feature that defaulted … Continue reading

Google Wave Is On Android and the iPhone

I’m on Google Wave now thanks to an invite from the Symbian Guru himself, Ricky Cadden. I haven’t really explored Wave very much yet. I’m kind of discouraged because I only have a couple of Wave contacts and Google doesn’t seem to have given me any invites to share with my friends and WapReview readers. I did discover an undocumented mobile interface to Wave though. It only seems to work on the iPhone and Android devices.  To see it visit … Continue reading

Google Fast Flip Mobile for iPhone and Android

Launched today from Google labs, Fast Flip ( is being billed by Google as a faster way to read news. It’s basically a news search engine like Google News.  But instead of text summaries, Fast Flip returns results in the form of high-resolution screen shots of the first page of online news articles matching your query. You can read  at least part of the story using the image and click through to the source site to read it all. The … Continue reading

Google Voice App Released For Android and BlackBerry

This morning Google took another step toward making mobile operators irrelevant by releasing a  Google Voice application for Android and Blackberry devices.  I’ve been using Google Voice since it launched. If you are unfamiliar with the service, Wikipedia has an excellent overview. In summary,  Google Voice gives you a new (currently U.S. only) local number.  Calls and texts to your Google Voice number are routed by Google Voice to one or more mobile, Gizmo5  VOIP or land-line numbers that you … Continue reading

iPhone iGoogle Now Works in Skyfire, Opera Mini, S60 Webkit

When I covered Google’s resurrected IGoogle for the iPhone, I complained that Google’s overly aggressive browser detection and redirection  was blocking users of other advanced mobile browsers like S60 Webkit and Opera Mini from the site. Today, I noticed that Google seems to have made a subtle change to the way it handles unrecognized and unsupported browsers. It’s now possible to force the advanced mobile version to be delivered to any browser.  Visit to try it. You need to … Continue reading

iGoogle For the iPhone and Android. It’s Baack!

There was quite a bit of furor on the interwebs back in January when Google  killed the special version of the iGoogle personalized home page for the iPhone and Android devices. Google’s explanation at the time was that they wanted to provide a consistent experience across all devices. Which didn’t make much sense given the big Gs enthusiasm for cloud based web services running in advanced mobile web browsers as a replacement for installable apps. For the last five months … Continue reading