Open Source Symbian

The mobile world is abuzz with the news of Nokia’s plans to open source Symbian.  There’s been a lot of great analysis of what this means for Nokia and its major competitors.  If you aren’t up to speed on what it means, I recommend Micheal Mace’s in depth business analysis, Symbian changes everything, and nothing and Simon Judge’s developer perspective, What I’m  wondering though is how the existence of a free, high quality, open source mobile software stack will change … Continue reading

Opera Mini 3.0 beta

Update;  The latest release of Opera Mini is version 3.1,  read about it here. There is a new beta of the next release of Opera Mini available for download. I’m sure you’ve heard of Opera Mini, but in case you haven’t, it’s a free Java ME browser that is faster, more capable and has a more efficient UI than almost any of the browsers that come pre-installed on phones. There’s a page of information about the new release and download … Continue reading